luxury gifts for aesthetic injectors

It’s about time you have unique merch without sacrificing style.

Luxury apparel, accessories and gifts for nurse injectors and aesthetic providers. Because you deserve the finer things in life.

woman twirling in dress

You’re stylish. So, why settle for basic?

You’re not interested trends that fade. Loud prints and graphics are totally not your vibe.

You’ve got an eye for design and appreciate the details. You want pieces that work with your style… not clash against it.

A classic yet relaxed feel that elevates your look with on-brand quips that make you feel seen… by people who actually work with and understand your industry.

You’re in the right place.

Felicia wearing Tox'd & Filled hat and Injector University crewneck

Calling all injectors — it’s time to enter your luxe era…


Tox Shop

Where providers go for an injection of style.

We know we’re not the only ‘tox lovers who are totally over the limited options and low quality designs of injectables and aesthetic merch.

We wanted a clean look but got tired of looking for a shop that actually understood injectors and had an elevated style.

So, we created one.

It’s time for master injector energy.

Step into your power.

You heard it here first…

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